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CEO Welcome

I am pleased, on behalf of the staff, governors, pupils and students, to write these few words of welcome and an introduction to Spring Brook Upper School. 

Spring Brook joined our Multi Academy Trust in December 2016. The school caters for pupils with a range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties split across two sites and we expect each pupil and student to achieve positive results. Our curriculum and philosophies provide the opportunities for academic and social development that will enhance the life opportunities for our young people as they move into the adult world.  

We hope our website will provide you with the information and news you need so that you can keep up to date with what is happening here at school. Whether you are a prospective parent, current parent, staff, pupil, community or casual browser, we trust you will enjoy looking through our site as we aim to provide the best for both our young people and the wider community.

Graham Quinn, CEO M.Ed

Spring Brook has been in its current home in Hollins since 2007, having been located at many different sites within Oldham prior to this. Our purpose-built school has been designed especially to meet the particular needs of our primary pupils who all experience a range of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties. The reasons for these can be various and include children with a diagnosis of Autism, SEMH, Speech, Language and Communication difficulties and having a specific learning need. Children who attend Spring Brook have an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP) outlining their needs which enables us to provide a personalised, individual curriculum offer that ensures they are able to become effective learners and develop a better way of managing their needs.

At the heart of the school’s mission, “Learning together, learning for all, learning for life,” is the belief that all our pupils, whatever their background or ability, will be successful and valued. Many of our pupils have struggled to engage fully with education in a mainstream environment and find that our smaller class sizes and excellent relationships with a higher ratio of adults help them to re-engage with learning. Our teaching staff are experienced at supporting children with a wide range of problems and helping them believe that they are capable of learning. Careful development of their self-esteem through providing opportunities in which they can succeed, allows them to see a different future is possible and we support them in realising their aspirations.

Our curriculum is broad and provides opportunities for academic and social development to enhance life opportunities. Classes are small and teaching staff work closely alongside support staff to provide the very best learning experience for our young people.

Pupils achieve well at our school and we are very proud of the progress they make, both academically and with their social/emotional skills development. Our reputation for providing an outstanding education to pupils extends beyond Oldham to its surrounding boroughs. Spring Brook also has a secondary department which is located in Failsworth and you can visit their website here.

Our school became a member of the New Bridge Multi Academy Trust (MAT) in December 2016, joining New Bridge School, New Bridge Learning Centre and Hollinwood Academy. The MAT belongs to the New Bridge Group and our young people now benefit from the shared expertise and resources available as part of a thriving and innovative organisation.

Our website aims to provide you with key information, curriculum insight and news on the school. It’s also a valuable resource for pupils and parents/carers to help keep everyone involved and up-to-date. If you are unable to find the information you require, please contact us. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have.

Myself and the staff at Spring Brook Academy look forward to working with you.

Toni Thomason, Head of School


We have created our own YouTube channel that we call NewTube. We will be uploading on a regular basis, feel free to check it out.


What Our Students Say

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Jane Doe

Learning Japanese for Business

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Arnold Smith

Full-time Student Abroad


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