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Literacy underpins all learning and is the foundation for being able to communicate and to understand the world around us. Literacy in New Bridge School encompasses the development of all skills needed for reading, writing, speaking, listening and communicating.

Literacy is the main focus for the whole school curriculum and feeds into all aspects of education at New Bridge. New Bridge Literacy is a skills based curriculum extending from pre-literacy skills; attention, interaction and communication, developing through the foundation skills of reading and writing, up to more advanced knowledge and skills in courses of external accreditation.

Pupils at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 have the opportunity to access external accreditation through various routes. These opportunities cater for a range of abilities and follow pathways for development.

English has three main strands; writing, reading and speaking and listening. Children will receive core English sessions with an additional reading session. There is a strong emphasis on reading for enjoyment and a structured approach to teaching grammar. All areas of Literacy create significant barriers to learning for young people with ASD. Intervention groups will be created to focus on developing these skills through structured learning programmes. Intervention groups currently in place include:


At Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 all students follow the Dockside reading scheme. This is a phonics based reading scheme for older learners. At Key Stage 5 and Key Stage 6 students follow the SRA reading programme to promote fluency and accuracy. All students are encouraged to read for enjoyment. A pilot of the Reading Kit for hyperlexic students is currently underway.


We use Dockside Check and Progress Phonics programme as well as the Code X scheme and various multi-sensory strategies.


We provide targeted intervention for students using Handwriting Today work books.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and Listening is delivered and assessed as part of the English curriculum as per the four assessment focuses.


Speech recognition software is one of several modifications used so that students can access the curriculum and take external accreditation. A spelling programme is being developed.


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