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Humanities allow pupils to develop social skills, literacy, problem solving skills and a wider social perspective. In History, pupils study people and events from the earliest societies to our modern age. The study of Geography enables pupils to extend their awareness of, and interest in, the environment. History and Geography are delivered at Key Stage 3 and History as an option at Key Stage 4 where our young people access a range of multi-sensory activities and visits to local places of interest.

History and Geography are taught to all groups in Key Stage 3. Geography is delivered in a single lesson each week over one term, then History is delivered in a single lesson each week over the following two terms. At Key Stage 4 pupils can further develop their knowledge and skills through History, building upon prior experience established in Key Stage 3 and examining a range of topics in more depth.

The learning of History aims to develop pupils’ awareness of the world they live in, establishing meanings to help them understand how and why things happen. Studying the past and the methods used to study History promotes the personal and social development of pupils. Learning experiences enable pupils to develop cognitive skills through understanding information, using evidence and imagination. Through the exploration of a variety of historical sources pupils are encouraged to develop a sense of identity promoting awareness of the past and the ways in which historical events have shaped the future. Pupils’ understanding of historical skills and concepts are reinforced through drama, role-play, educational visits, oral history, archives, audio-visual aids and information technology. Through engaging in enquiry and investigating historical questions, pupils develop a heightened awareness of the world in which they live and an understanding of the concept of chronology.

Geography is essentially about ourselves and our lives and therefore it is felt that learning experiences should be relevant to the future lives of our young people. Geography enables pupils to develop a sense of place within their own surroundings and an interest in people and places beyond their immediate experience. Geography helps pupils to begin to understand the interaction between ourselves and the world, and how changes take place and their effects.


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